Avon St. South House

This is a very bizarre property. It has the main (I assume) house which is normal and a small shed/garage behind it but everything else is very weird. The shed thing is made of has brick walls but no mortar was used building it so they have wood beams keeping it from falling over. Unfortunately I didn't get a picture of it.
There aren't really floors in the house in most places but where there is a floor it's covered in old furniture. The walls are missing on one corner of the house as well. The roof has completely collapsed in some places as well.
The area around the house is also covered in furniture in some places. Barrels of flammable liquids lay scattered everywhere. Between the house and the little hut things is a pile of junk with some dirty needles laying around. 
I have no idea what these little houses are. They're about 100 feet from the big house and have their own driveway for all of them. There's about 5 tiny buildings. Most of them are completely covered by vines but the one above was not. Instead a tree had fallen on it. From the road it looks like a pile of wood left behind from tearing down a house but when you go close you see it's not. 
I definitely do not suggest going here. It was the most strange and boring place I've been to yet. All of the buildings were incredibly dangerous which is why I didn't go in. All the debris on the ground could be dangerous as well. 


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