Unknown Woolen Mills Building

There isn't much to say about this building. Unfortunately I hadn't started this website at the time so I only got artsy shots of the building, non of which are even really of the building. Just of like a broken electric box inside. Basically, it's a big-ish building with one floor. On one side of the building is a stair set but they go down about 2 feet before it just turns to dirt that people have filled it in with. There is a short smoke stack (about 40 feet) that's a big struggle to get into but probably has handles in it to climb (knowing that the power plant down the tracks had handles). I think that this would be a waste of time unless you were visiting one of the other buildings in the area. It's completely empty other than some signs of daily cult activity. Also it's trespassing and very clearly marked with no trespassing signs.


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