Ix/McIntire Tunnel

I'll start this how I started the other tunnelFirst of all, this isn't an abandoned thing but just something that kinda fits in the urban exploration category. Second, while it is a tunnel it's not anything that people were meant to go in like the Blue Ridge Tunnel. It was made for a creek to go underneath the entire downtown area. Go to the other tunnel's page for a video of what the one is like. If you've ever been in the tunnels on the Rivanna Trail you'll know. It's just a concrete square pipe that they put in so a creek could flow under the buildings that they built. As with all of the places on this site I'm not going to clearly state in the text where it is but if you look around for a few seconds then you'll find it. The address I gave is the harder to find entrance so you're welcome. All you need to do to find the other one is go to Ix and look for a strip of woods that's lower than it's surroundings. The Ix entrance is MUCH harder to get into. Unless you've got some good rain boots and climbing skills than you should enter at the McIntire entrance. At the northern portal it's all made of stone so you can tell that it's much older than the other tunnels around town. Once you work your way down it splits into two parallel tunnels. You can tell that they didn't put much thought into this tunnel because of all the pipes going across. One pipe about half way through is close to the ground and clogged below by debris making a dam. Everything from then on is much deeper. I was on my bike for this tunnel because of the length which was a problem. If you came from my instagram you'll know that I like bikes and don't want to get them destroyed by weird cave water stuff so I didn't continue. Like I said in the other article I'm not sure what the rules are on doing this. There aren't any signs that say you can't and nobody cared but it's still dangerous. You get zero cell service in there so if there's an emergency then you've just got to hope you can get out in time.


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