Crozet Saw Mill

Unfortunately I haven't been able to find any history on this place. From what I can see it was an old saw mill that made rail road ties and loaded them onto trains to be sent out. This building is in horrible condition and seems to have been through at least one fire.
I don't live in Crozet so I don't know what everything is called. The building can be seen from the downtown square(I think that's what it's called). The easiest place to park is at the bike shop. Then just walk in. Nothing is boarded up or fenced off except one of the buildings on the right of the photo above is locked. You can still get in through the window but nothing interesting is in there.

 The interior of the building is very confusing and leads you to wonder what it once looked like. Some of the large rooms obviously held trains because of the train tracks leading into them, but what did they do in there? It would've been much easier to load the trains if there was a way to get the products into the same room. You can see a picture of one of those rooms below. Other rooms like the one seen above are just empty rectangles with little passages leading out of them and then just stopping. The west end of the building is slightly lower on the hill and has about 5 rooms. Each one has a massive sliding door with a normal size door on the larger one. The rooms are about 20 feet tall and 10 feet by feet on the floor. I assume that they were used to keep wood. The safest way to view this building would be to look from the road. The building may be unsafe in some areas and going inside is trespassing.


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