Blue Ridge Sanatorium

The Blue Ridge Sanatorium was a tuberculosis hospital opened in 1920 and closed in 1962. From 1978 to 1998 it was used a part of the UVA hospital. At some point they demolished a few of the buildings for reasons that I don't know. More recently in 2007 they demolished a total of 23 buildings in an attempt to stabilize the property. 

 The photo above is the Wright Hall. It's the biggest building still standing. As you can see from the photo below this was nothing compared to the other buildings which were torn down in 2007. Everything on this building that's white was once a window. Back then they didn't really know a cure for tb so they just gave everyone fresh air and lots of milk which came from a dairy farm on the property. One of the barns was demoed but you can still see it from the lower parking lot of the Saunders Trail.

 Looking at the photo above, the building in the top-middle is the Wright Hall. The little patch of trees below it is where the houses and chapel are. Those still remain because the architect was important to UVA so they didn't want to destroy his work. Just to the right of the trees in the Lyman Mansion. Half of it was destroyed making it now more of a house. All of the other buildings were destroyed.

Above is the mansion. On the right is the section that was demolished. You can see metal beams sticking out of the non-brick wall. This and the Wright Hall have asbestos in them as well as weak floors in the mansion so I wasn't able to go in. Apparently the mansion is just like the insides of the other houses and the hall is just empty.

The photo above shows the only form of vandalism (I think) in the entire complex which was very surprising. The dense pine trees surrounding the property make it nearly impossible to see into, but I'll come back to that at the end. Many people don't know that this place exists making it a cool thing to show people pictures of. Most people are amazed to hear that this place exists and is so close to town. We were able to go inside all of the other houses with a key from the caretaker. They were extremely clean for the fact that they've been abandoned for 60 years. They empty except for a sink or toilet that someone randomly ripped out and placed in the next room. 

The chapel was very different from the houses. All of the pews were still in place but it was too dark to take pictures because of the boarded up windows. Apparently it's haunted and ghost hunters have come to check it out in the past. 

This place was extremely interesting and I look forward to going back to finish goin through the houses with real flash lights. Trespassing on this property is much worse than it normally is since UVA owns it and the caretaker lives right next to the Wright Hall making it easy to get caught. People have done it anyway and got hurt from things on the property and sued UVA even though they were trespassing. That's why all the windows are boarded up. The legal way to do it is to contact UVA and ask. They seemed to not care that I asked to go and arranged for me to meet with the caretaker the next day. I'm going to not include the contact info for privacy reasons but if you wish to go then visit the site and a sign on the gate will tell you what department it is. The easiest way to view it would be from somewhere on Monticello Ave near the Sojourners Church. I believe that's the only place to see the main complex.


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