Belmont Livestock Market

I'll just start by saying that if you want some history on this place read The Hook's article here. I've heard from a friend that it's used every Wednesday and read some old (10 years) articles that say it's used on Saturdays. It seems to be used rarely as there aren't many signs of recent human activity. There was a bunch of cat food set out so someone must be there often and a sheep in a stable the scared me like crazy because I wasn't expecting anything to be in there. Never the less, it's still an extremely cool building. Now for the details, from the outside the building looks like a pile of rusty sheet metal and some cinder blocks. But go inside and it's in immaculate condition, excluding a few things that I'll get to later.
As soon as you walk in through the non existent door your greeted with a clean brick floor with a few lawn chairs. Also stapled to a beam is a laminated sign that says surveillance in progress. I'm almost certain that there is no surveillance going on inside the building. Some people across the street might notice but they seem to not care. On either side of you are stables. Hundreds of them fill up the entire lower level. Now might also be a good time to mention that this place has filled with cats. Everywhere you look is a cat (except in the pictures of course lol). In front of you is a staircase with a skylight making it quite literally the center of attention.
Go up the stairs to find the auction block. When I peeked my head over the top of the stairs I was amazed. The blue just popped out of the seats. The old ads also gave it an old timey feel. As soon as I got up to it though I noticed how slanted the floor had become. You can't really tell with the fish-eye lens but it was enough to back up my laziness and make me not walk around much. The second thing I noticed after I got up to it was a huge cat walking behind the ads in the back.
Around the left side of the building was pretty spooky. Bones were laying around everywhere. There was even a carcass of some medium sized animal (maybe a baby calf) laying in a barrel. There were a few doors but they were all boarded up but in a way that you could just slide underneath them or just go into the stables from the main entrance. Around back was more cats, a massive collapsed wooden awning and some doors into the stables that were jammed shut. 
Around the other side of the building were some construction supplies like a huge thing of hardened quickcrete still in the bag and some trailers. What was even more weird than even the cats was a stack of granite counter tops. A few were broken and laid off to the side but a stack of about 10 were in perfect condition.
In the end I feel that this building is full of interesting things. The easiest and safest way to view it is just by driving by. It's on the southern end of Franklin Street. Just a reminder that trespassing is illegal and you could be charged for it.


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