Woolen Mills Textile Factory

Dating back to the late 1800s, this old factory is still in beautiful condition and is being used as storage by Allied Van Lines. The 10 acre property is also up for sale for five million dollars.
It's a 5 story tall building which was recently connected to a smaller 2 story building next to it. The building sits between Moores Creek and the Rivanna River where they come together. The easiest way to access it is to park at one of the businesses nearby and walk down its road. If you somehow can't see this monster of a building from where-ever you've parked then just keep driving down whatever road your on until you see a gate with a huge no trespassing sign on it (The road that the gate is blocking loops around to connect E Market Street and Broadway St, in my opinion Broadway is much easier to park on). Another way to get to it is by using a little known section of the Rivanna trail. Park at the u-haul building on route 20 and cross route 20. You'll find the Rivanna trail. Go right on it and under the bridge. Follow this trail all the way out until you come up behind the building. Cross the train bridge and walk down past the gates previously mentioned. This section of the trail was recently re-opened but not frequently used do to the rocks, difficulty to follow, and the fact that you either have to walk through the four foot deep river or illegally cross the train bridge. The photo below is taken from what now is the end of the trail. That walking bridge has long since been washed away. Please do not trespass on this property. It is not abandoned. If you would like to view the safest way to do it would be by looking at it from the trail.


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